Who We Are

Society of Wildflowers, (also referred to as S.O.W. Empowerment), is a global network of uplifting and empowered women from a variety of lifestyles, professions and backgrounds, with a shared purpose and mission: to inspire, educate and guide other women to a path of radical self-acceptance and dynamic mindset shifts. This is achieved through immersion in the healing energies of community, guided self-care activities, creative wellness workshops and evidence based therapeutic coaching.

Our all-female team is comprised of artisans, licensed mental health professionals, certified holistic and metaphysical practitioners, fitness and personal style professionals, business leaders, energetic healers, artists, and creative wellness instructors.

The aligned skills, education and values of our collective are the formative basis for the Society of Wildflowers. You are invited to relax, rejuvenate and experience true healing and restoration. Fill your spirit with passion and renewed excitement for life, as you pause and take time to rediscover your creativity, imagination, and feminine power amid a safe and secure community of like-minded women.

You belong among the wildflowers.



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