Inclusivity Policy

Society of Wildflowers is an inclusive community devoted to equality, radical self-acceptance of self and others, and providing a safe space to allow access to personal empowerment for all who enter our realm.

We are intrinsically aware that diversity is the key to maintaining our values and the community of women we serve. We seek out individuality, new ideas and fresh perspectives. We pursue input, unique ideologies and inspiration. Inclusivity, respect and acceptance are values to which we are deeply committed.

The differences in our thoughts, beliefs, cultures and lifestyles is what creates our valued society; therefore, there is no tolerance for hate, bigotry, exclusion or negativity within our group.

Our members and leadership represent women with diverse abilities, from varied backgrounds, religions, races, cultures and ethnicities, sexual orientations, genders, ages and expressions.

We are a safe space focused intently on feminine empowerment, amplification of female voices, and radical acceptance of ourselves, and of others.

Non-adherence to these policies is grounds for removal from the event without refund or compensation.