Mind Wellness

Mind Wellness offerings are curated to create intense positive mind shifts, resulting in increased decisiveness, and improved cognitive flexibility. 

Cognitive flexibility is the brain’s ability to adapt to new, changing or unplanned events. It is also the skill of intentionally modifying from one way of thinking to another, and the capability of fluidly processing new ideas, thoughts and emotions in self-empowering directions.

Intentional Interiors, Designing the Space of Your Dreams, with Misha Perritt

Our home and surroundings are an outward representation of our minds and personal identities. The choices we make aesthetically and the elements we select to express ourselves in our homes reflect our lives and inner worlds. Our external environments impact our mental health significantly, and can inspire feelings of positivity or negativity. Intentional design focuses on the mindful creation of feelings and energies to create a sanctuary for our minds and bodies in our homes. Our expert will share tangible tips and reveal methods for deliberately choosing how we feel and exist within our own homes. Participants will learn to determine their personal style, identify which colors bring out their most joyous emotions, and discover new and inspiring ways to repurpose the things they already have to create a beautiful and safe haven that represents and honors their highest self.

Therapeutic Life Coaching with our Licensed Therapists from Metztli Counseling Services

Transform your personal life into the experience you truly desire, through professional coaching with a licensed therapist. If you have ever felt stuck or wondering what you may need to do to get better results, or if you sense that your current patterns are contributing to stress, disappointment or frustration in your life, you may benefit from private, personal coaching with our licensed therapists.

Offering accountability, guidance and an innovative approach to removing barriers, increasing self-awareness and enjoying tangible results, our team of female therapists are highly empathic, trauma-informed and sensitive to each unique individual's needs. You will receive honesty and a gentle, yet direct approach. Identify and stay committed to your goals to create the life you dream of. These incredible women are also trained in the unique challenges of culturally diverse women, as well as trauma and EMDR trained. They are also bilingual in Spanish and English.

Mini sessions of 15-20 minutes each are offered, and can be registered for in our app. The are intended to set you on the right path toward focus and self-fulfillment. Ongoing support is also offered during and after our event, by individual arrangement, and may be offered for a fee for those who wish to engage in lengthier, more personalized sessions.

Soulful Business Leadership, Channeling Success and Abundance

This offering is presented under the leadership and guidance of an expert transformational leader, soul guidance coach and speaker for conscious women leaders and entrepreneurs who are ready to serve humanity with all of their wisdom and teachings. In this presentation, women are guided to heal challenges they are facing and channel their energy intentionally into a new way of being. Healing and expansion are the benefits received in this inspired workshop.

Transformational Image Consulting, with Anne Wilke House of Colour

In this interactive workshop, our expert will lead participants to new levels of confidence through color, style and presentation. Learn how color can dramatically affect mood and appearance, the basics of skin care and makeup, and how to select the colors that best compliment individual skin tones. Guests will answer questions to help determine their own personal style and learn how to select apparel and accessories that best complement different body types. Through this intuitive presentation, participants will learn to create a wardrobe that is interchangeable and effortless, to shine bright in their everyday lives, and flourish in social and professional atmospheres. 

The Healing Power of Crystals, with The Healing Shoppe

Learn about the healing powers of crystals. Whether you are a believe in the energetic properties of crystals, or prefer to view them as a way to set intentions and focus on a goal, this class will provide you with in-depth information, presented by our sponsor, The Healing Shoppe Crystal Boutique and Metaphysical Supply. You’ll learn about our energetic fields, the Chakra system, as well as how to choose crystals to support and enhance your life. Discover how to use crystals in your home, office and for cleansing and healing the aura. Learn about creating crystal elixirs and the power of crystal grids. This informative workshop is for anyone who would like to learn more about how to understand and integrate the healing power of crystal energy into their life. Each participant will be offered a crystal of their choosing from a selection offered by The Healing Shoppe in the workshop.

Energetic Emotional Release Sessions, with Jen Cushman of Soul Stir Magic

Do you have something in your past that you're holding onto that you simply can't let go of? Everyone has old hurts, upsets, emotional wounds and stories they identify with from something that's happened in the past. We we get triggered, we run our patterns without even consciously recognizing it. We know the yucky feelings that bubble up; the recurring pain or hurt or anger. We push it down, distracting ourselves from the uncomfortable emotions, by diverting our attention elsewhere. Did you know these old thoughts and feelings surface because your unconscious mind is ready to LET IT GO? These recurring negative emotions are our body's way of telling us that we’re safe and ready for change. When we hold onto old emotions of anger, hurt, pain, sadness, shame and guilt because we’re unable to forgive ourselves or others, these negative emotions stay in our bodies and affect our physical, mental and emotional health. It also prevents our natural healing process and our ability to move forward in our lives. An energetic emotional release session offers a powerful opportunity to heal your heart and take back control over your energy field and your energy connections to others so that you can feel more peaceful and centered in yourself and your heart space. You will feel lighter, brighter and more at ease. This session is good for anyone, and it’s particularly beneficial to people experiencing deeper grief and loss or lingering issues. These sessions are offered by appointment for an optional fee.

Guided Meditations for Small Groups, with Jen Cushman of Soul Stir Magic

Perhaps you are new to meditation or have deep knowledge of the practice. Guided meditations with our experienced energy healers and leaders can be intensively beneficial. Life is filled with distractions, and meditating can sometimes be a struggle. The voice in a guided meditation can gently bring you back to focus. Guided meditations are filled with positive affirmations and empathetic reminders, which can help to inspire you, and keep you focused on your goals and plans.

Some may have found meditation to be a lonely experience. Our guided meditations are offered to small groups, where a patient voice leads the way to remind you that we’re all in this together. Another benefit of guided meditation is that it may provide you with access to new ways of practicing mindfulness and concepts of self-care.

Boss Mode: Crushing Adversity and Leveling Up Your Life & Career, with Alicia Frye-Johanning

Transform life's lemons into sweet lemonade, embark on an electrifying ride through the wild world of adversity-smashing and leveling up your life and career. In this class, you’ll be equipped with the skills it takes to handle adversity like a pro, catapulting yourself into the next glorious chapter of your life or career


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