Dining Onsite and Around Laguna Beach

Breakfast and lunch are hosted daily during the active dates of the conference and are included in the price of your ticket. The welcome party dinner is also included.

Specific dates and times for meals are provided below, timing is subject to modification at the discretion of organizers; however, no meals will be removed. Please contact us in advance to inform us of any dietary considerations we may observe to accommodate you.

Wednesday, July 17

Check in after 3pm to host location

No meals are provided on this day

Optional, self-paid dinners are coordinated in downtown Laguna Beach

Thursday, July 18

9:00am: Breakfast on site

12:30pm: Lunch on site

6:30pm: Welcome party, dinner and dessert onsite

Note: guests who opt to participate in the optional Pageant Outing on this date will not be provided with dinner, self-paid dining is available at the venue

Friday, July 19

8:00am: Breakfast for Disney excursion participants only, shuttle arrives at 8am

9:00am: Breakfast onsite for conference guests (not attending Disney)

12:00pm: Lunch on site, (not offered for Disney excursion group or field trips)

12:00-3:00pm: Optional field trip TBA includes lunch

5:00pm: Self-managed dinner, optional self-paid dinners are coordinated

Saturday, July 20 

9:00am: Breakfast on site

12:00pm: Lunch on site 

12:00-3:00pm: Optional field trip TBA includes lunch

5:00pm: Self-managed dinner

After-hours hosted offsite parties and dinners offered by Event Sponsors, TBA

Sunday, July 21

Check out from Art Hotel by 11am, no meals are offered on this day*

*Option to prepurchase a breakfast box will be offered for Disney excursion participants

Times may be modified slightly as our final event schedule is formulated. We reserve the right to change or modify the times for this schedule; however, no meals will be removed from the conference offerings.

Details on local dining will be sent out to conference attendees in early Spring 2024, Follow our Instagram to stay up to date in the meantime!

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