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The process of creating art can boost our moods, as art and creative practices engage our senses and activate the release of pleasure-related neurotransmitters. Art is a messenger of emotions, and has the incredible benefit of improving our emotional state, as it increases self-esteem, self-worth and a sense of purpose. Creating art has been proven to contribute to improved memory and brain function.

For this event, options will be offered for Creative Wellness Workshops. You will be able to select from a variety of choices to create tangible pieces of art, each tied to an intention and with the objective of creating a mindset shift, release of a negative thought pattern or limiting belief, or identification of a new perspective or approach to a personal challenge. Your finished projects are yours to keep and take home.

Each workshop is led by a Creative Wellness Instructor, who will engage with you as you play and learn the various techniques and art methods we have arranged. These include crafting with paper, painting with watercolor and acrylic paints, using pressed and paper flowers, fluid art, paint pouring, basic embroidery, journaling, lettering, collage, string art, clay sculpture, and many more creative modalities. All necessary supplies will be provided for you, and all skill levels are welcome.

Our on-site retail shop will offer take-home kits for many of the workshops, and upgraded supplies, if you find you're enjoying a particular workshop and want to make it even better.

Below are workshop titles and descriptions of each project that are planned for the conference. Our schedule will be published September 1, when you can register for these offerings using our registration app, classes are offered on a first come first served basis. 


Botanical Field Guide Journal and Specimen Pages, with Eileen Hull, Sponsored by Sizzix

A study of the self, participants will create a botanical field guide with personalized specimen pages designed from their own milestone life stages, each attributable to the flower they choose. Participants are encouraged to bring real or digital photos from various phases of their lives to enhance their projects.

Painting Floral Weirdos, with Jennifer Perkins

In this one hour class instructor Jennifer Perkins will take you on a colorful cardboard journey into the world of painting weirdos! This class is always a good time and each student will leave with one bingo card and all the cardboard portraits they can carry.  To keep things in our wildflower theme floral embellishments from Little Birdie Crafts will be available to give your weirdos some extra flair whether that be a flower crown in their hair or a floral caftan that they wear. 

Corazon Cosmico, with Kathy Cano-Murillo, The Crafty Chica

We all know our hearts extend beyond our bodies. The feelings and emotions we have are deep within our souls, yet they also extend beyond our dreams. We have cosmic hearts. A deep connection to the universe, a love that extends beyond yourself, touching all things and all beings. In this workshop, we will start with a wood sacred heart handmade in Mexico and then paint and adorn it with different forms of light and shine - mini-mirrors, flat back crystals, sparkly mini-flowers, gems, glitter and more. While creating we will listen to our hearts and journal the message/story/inspiration on the back of the heart. deeper calling to contribute to the greater good, and to live a life that is in harmony with that greater cosmic purpose. Hang up the heart in a sacred spot in your casa and let it remind you how much your heart shines in this world and the next!

Painted Floral Brooches, with Jennifer Perkins

Celebrate your weird with the Queen of Kitsch! Make your weirdos wearable! If you have ever taken host Jennifer Perkins Painting Weirdos Workshops these fun flower brooches will take your creations to the next level! In this one hour class we will paint faces onto several small pieces of wood and then at the end we will pick our favorites to combine with faux flowers provided by Little Birdie Crafts and creating your own one of a kind crafty corsage! We will also discuss how you can turn the rest of the wood bits into earrings, necklaces and more.

Wildflower Doll Art - Embrace Your Heart and Wellbeing, with Debra Quartermain

In this class  participants will explore the richness of their own heart through creative and meaningful expression. The heart is known to symbolize the creative spirit, a place of true purpose for our very being. It also symbolizes the feminine and sacred. An individual art doll base will be adorned with trims, embellishments and of course florals. You will craft a personalized cherished doll as a reminder of the beautiful heart and wildflower spirit it represents.

Empower Flower, 3-D Mixed Media Flower Art with Meaning, with licensed Artist, Lindsay Ann Ostrom

In this session you will be creating and painting multiple sheets of watercolor paper with paints and colors; what you feel are your "dream colors". These will just be free flowing washes of lovely color to use to create petals of a flower with. We will free hand cut each petal and reassemble it in a three dimensional design, to create a fabulous flower. Before the flower takes shape, you will be given time to think about the words that fit for you as empowerment, wishes, intentions and inspirations. We will then write each word on each petal to create out empower flowers. Each completed flower will be attached to a 4"x4" wood base as a reminder to you of what a precious flower you are.

Artistic Portrait of Inner Child, with Mary Ann Ballestero

Addressing our Inner Child in adulthood can can promote feelings of autonomy and self-efficacy. Many women were raised in stifling environments under strictness and control. This can lead to feel stuck at a certain age, or cause feelings of struggle when you need to make your own decisions. This can be overcome through gentle and nurturing care of our Inner Child. Through guided instruction and intentional thought, participants will use paint, brushes, pen, chalk pens and other art tools, to ponder and create an artistic rendering of their precious Inner Child. 

Song of the Siren, Dazzling Jewel-Encrusted Mermaid Crowns, with Christie Troxell

This confidence-building workshop invites participants to dive deep, reflecting on the depths of the soul to identify their siren song. All elements are provided to allow each participant to create a stunning mermaid headpiece, encrusted with real seashells, sea glass, natural elements found on a walk of the local area, beads, pearls, sequins, gems, faux flowers and other sparkling embellishments.

Too Pressed to Stress, Handmade Seed Paper, with Michelle Frae-Cummings

Participants will create and dry their own handmade seed paper with a technique utilizing paper pulp, wildflower seeds, and pressed flowers. The sheets are pressed and dried. Once ready, the sheets can be taken home and cut, or can be used in other workshops during the conference, such as journaling or collage projects. The paper is plantable, and instructions on how to use it are provided to each participant.

A Letter in the Language of Flowers, with Debra Quartermain

In past eras, messages were often sent through a bouquet of flowers, the art of Floriography. In this class the meanings and symbols of different flowers will be explored. Participants will choose those that resonate with them to create an everlasting nosegay learning different flower making techniques. Each individual nosegay will represent a personal Love Letter.

Postcard From Your Future Self, Self -Guided Workshop

As we navigate our busy lives, it can be difficult to envision a future that is different, or better. In this project, artists will create a postcard from the future, which is addressed to their present self. Each artist will create postcard imagery using guided art techniques and supplies to create a visual representation of their desired or imagined future. They will then add words of advice, encouragement or an aspirational description of what life is like in the future. The objective of this workshop is to identify that the way things are is not how they will always be, and to provide a tangible representation of possibility.

A Stitch In Time, Embroidered Mixed Media Art, with Kiki Johanning

Layer on paints, inks, texture pastes and other colorful products atop canvas to mindfully create the custom "fabric of your life", that is the basis for each unique piece. Each guest will cut a shape of their choosing and a second layer to match it to create a fillable pocket within. The objects will be fille with soft cotton batting, and a secret intention. The edges are stitched close, sealing the secret message inside. Adding beads, trims, buttons and embellishments, as well as an hand embroidered message, guests will create a finished item that can be used as an ornament, sachet, embellishment, mounted art piece, or other decoration.

Sowing Your Life Path, Journaling the Past, Present and Future, with Michelle Frae-Cummings and Sizzix

Using a provided blank journal kit, participants will create a custom journal with sections, each represent a span of time in their life. Empathically guided by our instructor, artists will reflect on the who, what, where, when, why and how of the span of their lives. The workshop teaches how to bind the journal together, and tips for continuing to add to it well after the event, creating a powerfully meaningful art piece that offers access to deep self-reflection, perspective, release of limiting ideas and the development of new and more empowered thoughts. Participants are encouraged to bring real or digital photos to enhance their project.

Your Mind is Fluid, Water Marbling with Mayu Silk Art

Layer colored paints onto the water's surface, then create patterns by swirling and moving them around to create incredible, vibrant patterns. Dip sea stars, shells, paper and other objects to create stunning, one of a kind art that represents the fluid way our thoughts and minds also work. Mayu Silk art will also offer two sessions where participants can opt to create a stunning, one of a kind water marbled silk scar for an additional fee, this is optional, (the watching is free!) 

Think Like a Queen, Fresh Flower Crowns with Ritzy Parties, at our California Dreamin' Welcome Party

During our welcome party on July 18 from 7-9pm, guests will kick off the conference in blooming color. Each person will select items from a flower and greenery-filled cart, to create a stunning fresh flower crown using wrapped wire, floral snips and floral tape. Assistance is offered, finished creations are worn at the party for pro photos with the group, and on our styled rattan throne with wildflower themed backdrop. 

Wildflower Wish Jars, with Stacie Skinner-Hoxsie

A wish jar is a powerful receptacle for the dreams and wishes in your life, particularly the ones you believe to be impossible. An unseen power begins to manifest when you make your innermost desires tangible. See for yourself, but be warned, you might get what you wished for. Guests will create a wish jar using small jars with corked lids, dried wildflowers, string or cord, paints, pens and paper. 

Humble Beginnings, Dandelion String Art, with Lawanna Yeager

While string, nails and scrap wood may not appear to be useful art supplies, these humble elements can combine to create a masterpiece. The origin of string art is in geometry, and this art form has calming, anxiety reducing benefits, due in part to its simplicity. In this project, participants will create a dandelion or thistle pattern on a wood background with a prepared pattern of a dandelion or thistle flower. Phrases of empowerment will be added with stamps or hand lettered with paint pens creating a unique and healing art piece.

Evoke the Colors of Your Life, Watercolor Painting with AdornIt

In this workshop, participants will create their own watercolor painting creations using AdornIt Paintables with floral, mermaid, and faith based themes, while learning how color can evoke our deepest emotions

Beachcombing Babes: Curate, Collect and Collage, with Jen Cushman

On two morning of our event, participants can participate in guided walking tours of the beach area near the Art Hotel. Each person will receive a small treasure bag to collect items like fallen leaves, rocks, feathers and other natural elements.

During a workshop at the event, these nature collections can be brought back and combined with our provided seashells, sea glass, driftwood scraps and other elements to assemble a custom collage on pre-cut shapes cut from thick chipboard, such as a seahorse or mermaid silhouette. The finished collage may be hung or mounted on a wood slice or canvas. A lovely visual testament to a memorable summer vacation in Laguna Beach. (Please note, do not remove items directly from the beach, we will provide shells, sea glass and driftwood)

How Does Your Mind Garden Grow, Flower Art with Misha Perritt and Little Birdie Crafts

An outline of a female form, either head and shoulders, or female body form are provided to each participant. Handmade paper flowers and leaves are provided in a variety of colors and styles. Each flower may be related to a unique message to the self. This can be a thought, memory, intention, hope or idea. The list is written and placed in an envelope, which is mounted to the back of the art piece for later reference. Each artist will create a collage, representing their "Mind Garden", overlaid and permanently adhered to the image. Finished designs are filled with personal meaning, and can be framed or mounted for display. 

Capture the Moment, Resin Pendant or Bookmark, with Charlotte

Dried flowers, personal photos, small shells and other elements are added to metal pendant charms or bookmark molds, and encapsulated in clear resin, which is cured using a safe UV light. Cords, tassels and jump rings are provided to turn the creations into bookmarks, charms, ornaments and wearable jewelry pieces, taught by a very special instructor, indeed.

Washed Away With Watercolor, with Lindsay Ann Ostrom

In this workshop, watercolor paints are used in various ways and with a selection of interesting supplies, to provide access to emotional reflection and understanding. For one portion of the workshop, a wash is applied to paper, then pigments are added, allowing participants to observe how the colors blend and move across the surface. Another portion of the workshop involves mixing watercolor paint with salt, to view how it absorbs the paint, as we often absorb the world around us. We will use a crayon to act as a resist and we will finish off our looks with some beautiful gold metallic to show your shiny soul.   Participants will complete a collection of art pieces from the workshop, watercolor, brushes, paper and a variety of other supplies are included. 

Stab Therapy, Release Negative Energy With Felted Wool Art, with Kaylynn Young

We know that the artistic process activates positive neurotransmitters in the brain, but you may not have realized the therapeutic benefits of felted wool crafting, affectionately known as "stab therapy". The practice of needle felting is not only useful for creating unique works of art, but has the added therapeutic benefit of reducing stress and allowing the release of negative energy, achieved by repeatedly stabbing wool roving against a block. Creations come alive with color, texture and pattern. Create designs that are both loose and tight, curved and straight, and blend the colors that speak to your emotions, whether dark, light, bold, pastel or a combination of these. There is no wrong way to create needle felted art; the objective of this workshop is to create a visual expression of your life experience. 

The Undoing - Releasing the Innate Creative Self, with Marah Johnson

Raise a hand if you think you’re not creative. Keep it up if, as a child or teen, someone in your life told you something about your creativity that was critical, stopped you, or made you feel that you weren’t doing it right. The thing is, EVERY human when they're born, is innately creative. Not a single artist creates art to make the object, because art is not about the end game, the actual key is the process. In this workshop, you will participate in “The Undoing”, creating for the sake of creating, releasing messaging, limiting beliefs and the weight of right or wrong. Projects will be created on wood canvas, using gesso, paint, paper and collage techniques, and hand stamping with rubber stamps. Your art piece will be created in layers, first expressing the messages, critiques or other statements that impacted your creative growth, which will be known only to you. You’ll then cover this in gesso, paint, paper and ultimately, identify and stamp your new action, what you will do, be it giving yourself permission to create, embracing imperfection, or releasing the weight of the opinions of others. You’ll be left with a tangible art piece, representing your boundless ability to be creative, and a new way of thinking about yourself and your creative abilities.

Emotional Outpouring in Color, with Lawanna Yeager

The act of playing with paint and pouring paint provides access to deep connections in the brain and mental stimulation. Mixing colors, stirring, layering and watching the colors create patterns provides movement that also lend to meditative benefits. Let go of emotions, relax your body and focus on the steps in this workshop, where paint pouring is used to create emotional release. 

Revealing The Hidden Self, Botanical Cyanotypes, with Rachael Duran of Thunder Textile

Cyanotype is a print process that can be used to create dramatic and moving pieces of art. Cyanotype was invented in 1842 as a manner of camera-less photography, using pre-treated paper that is reactive when exposed to sunlight. The objective of this workshop is to create a drawing of connections to the inner thoughts and dreams we conceal within ourselves, and what can occur when we allow the sunlight to shine upon them. Participants will be provided with a variety of items to create unique prints; and may also partake in a nature walk to collect natural elements for use in the workshop.

I Have a Tail to Tell, Mixed Media Art, with Michelle Frae-Cummings

Mixed media techniques are used to create sheets of custom paper, which are cut into scales. Participants are guided to add messages, memories or words to the back of each scale, then use them to create a mermaid tail art piece. Workshop participants should bring a real or digital photo of their face for use in their art to enhance the project.

Knotty by Nature, Embroidery on Photography, with Carolee McMullin of AdornIt

In this workshop, participants will be provided with a variety of fun and engaging black and white photographs, to which they will add hand-stitching. Artists are encouraged to also bring their own black and white copy of a favorite childhood photo of themself, or any other meaningful image, (sized between 5"x7" up to 8.5"x11), which they will learn to prepare and embroider. Embroidery floss, seed beads, sequins and other supplies will be used to add visual interest to the photos. The objective of this exercise is to add narrative and emotion to the images, or to draw attention to a particular portion of the photo through application of this art technique.

The Shape of You, A Body Image Study in Clay, with Cassandra Rendon

The tactile properties and unique sensory properties of clay offer intense mental stimulation and benefits including increased emotional regulation, release of depression and stress, and promotion of relaxation and emotional openness. In this workshop, artists are guided to explore ideas about body image. The goal of this class is to provide a positive and safely contained path to release of judgment of the self and others, increase knowledge of the origins of the body-positive movement, connect with feminine energy, and increase feelings of personal acceptance and self-compassion. The workshop enlists the use of anonymous imagery of various female body types, highlighting individual stories and experiences. 

Rockin' the Positive Energy, Creating Found Art, with Mary Ann Ballestero

Painted rocks are covered in color, imagery and positive messages, then placed around the hotel for other conference attendees to find and keep as souvenirs. Participants may collect as many as they create, up to five river stones are provided, other suitable, non-porous rocks found on beach walks may also be used. Creations may also be kept and taken home or left in public for the world to find. Rocks are painted using acrylic paint pens, which are provided, there are multiple sessions of this offering throughout the event.

Home Is Where You Park It, Craft a Beachy Camper, with Sarah Neill

Participants will receive a pre-cut die cut of Sizzix designer, Eileen Hull's teardrop trailer to create their own beach camper, which also doubles as an adorable storage box for holding a variety of items. Artists will decorate their campers using Sizzix paints for paper, as well as a variety of Sizzix solid and patterned cardstock papers, then assemble the trailer and embellish with a variety of trims, stickers and beach elements like shells, driftwood scraps and similar items. The project is intended to remind us that "life is a journey", to "keep on moving", and that "home is where you park it".

Unmasking the True Self, Mask Making Workshop, with Jen Cushman

This project was created in the fundamental concept that many women are able to relate to the concept of having worn masks, or revealed only certain aspects of themselves, throughout life. For many reasons, they have worn masks, even with themselves, possibly to avoid reflecting on uncomfortable feelings. This workshop encourages each artist to pause, look within, and explore their own identities to gain perspective, access the deeper aspects of themselves. Participants will use art to enhance paper-mache masks. On the outside of the mask, each artist will depict how they believe the outside world perceives her. The inside of the mask is then decorated to represent how the artist views herself. A reflective writing exercise is also offered to increase insight and awareness, and determine what each artist learned about herself.

The Sum of My Compliments, Intuitive Self Portraiture, with Christie Troxell

This workshop encourages participants to identify the positive aspects of themselves that have been messaged to them by others in the form of impactful compliments. The objective is to create a visual representation of the artist's "highest self", as identified by those around them. A variety of artistic techniques and supplies will be used to create an intuitive self-portrait.


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